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Understanding each step of the “Anti-Fraud Cycle”: Prevention, Detection, Investigation, Sanctioning and Recovery

Annual Forum on Combating Corruption in the EU 2018

Lisbon, 15-16 October 2018

Registration fee: 250 EUR


The overall objective of the Commission Anti-Fraud Strategy is to improve the prevention, detection and conditions for investigations of fraud whilst achieving an adequate level of reparation and deterrence.

This annual forum will scrutinise the different steps of the “anti-fraud cycle” starting from prevention, passing through detection, investigation and sanctioning, all the way to the recovery.

Key topics
  • Prevention, detection and investigation techniques in the Member States
  • Sanctioning
  • Recovering proportions of funds lost due to fraud
  • Deterring future fraud through appropriate penalties
  • Work carried out by the private sector in preventing fraud
  • The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO)
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Language: English

Organiser: ERA (Laviero Buono) in cooperation with the Portuguese Centre of Judicial Studies



Event number: 318DT37



Freezing, Confiscation and Handing Over the Proceeds of Crime

Trier, 4-5 June 2018

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Alex Boone, Senior Investigator, Registered Forensic Auditor, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg (invited)

Laviero Buono, Head of Section for European Criminal Law, ERA, Trier

Mukul Chawla QC, Head of Chambers, Foundry Chambers, London

Liviu Chirita, Director, Advisory Services, Financial Crime, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Prague

András Csúri, Postdoctoral Fellow, Utrecht University

Stefan De Moor, Judge, President of Chamber, Court of Appeal, Antwerp

Michaël Fernandez-Bertier, Lawyer, Allen & Overy; Lecturer, Solvay School of Economics and Management;  Member of the Board of Directors of Transparency International Belgium, Brussels

HH Judge Joanna Korner CMG QC, Southwark Crown Court, London

Holger Matt, Defence Lawyer, Professor of Criminal Law, Frankfurt

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