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Anti-Money Laundering for the Judiciary and Law Enforcement


28 May 2020 from 9:00 - 17:45
29 May 2020 from 9:30 - 13:30


This live streamed seminar will address the current European anti-money laundering landscape and focus on the changes that have and are being implemented since the adoption of the fourth, fifth and sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directives and the new Directive on enhancing FIU cooperation and access to financial information.

It will also highlight national challenges and actions that have been taken to address them, including the recently adopted proposals and changes in relation to tackling money laundering and terrorist financing, with a particular focus on the judicial and law enforcement sectors.

Key topics
  • Progress made on the adoption of the standards introduced by the fourth, fifth and sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directives
  • Measures aimed at protecting the financial system against money laundering and terrorist financing, also in relation to cryptocurrencies
  • Best practice in detecting and deterring illicit transactions and assessment and lessons learnt from recent money laundering cases
  • The framework to enhance cooperation between FIUs and enhance cross-border cooperation amongst the judiciary and law enforcement sector

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Taking part in the discussion

You can address questions to the speakers in the chat box that will appear on your screen during the live stream. The Chair will read your question to the respective speaker who will answer your question verbally.

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Language: English

Organiser: Ramin Farinpour (ERA)

Live stream number: 320SD121

Event number: 320D121

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Tereza Bábová, National Risk Assessment Process Manager,Financial Analytical Office, Prague

Reinier Bredenoord, Public Prosecutor, National Public Prosecutor’s Office for Serious Fraud and Asset Confiscation, Amsterdam

Philippe de Koster, Director, Belgian Financial Intelligence Processing Unit (FIU-CTIF-CFI), Brussels

Ramin Farinpour, Senior Lawyer, European Criminal Law Section, ERA, Trier

Michaël Fernandez-Bertier, Attorney-at-law, Lecturer at Solvay School of Economics and Management; Member of the Board of Directors of Transparency International Belgium, Brussels

Igors Gerasimins*, Prosecutor, Methodology Division of the Department of Analysis and Management of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Riga

Thilo Gottschalk, Legal Research Associate, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

HH Judge Michael Hopmeier, Circuit Judge, Southwark Crown Court, London; Honorary Visiting Professor of Law, City, University of London

Marcus Paintinger, Senior Public Prosecutor, Public Prosecution Service Munich I

Cécile Soriano, Policy Officer, Financial Crime Unit, DG Justice, European Commission, Brussels

Representative, A-FIU, Austrian Criminal Intelligence Service, Vienna

Representative, Europol, The Hague

Representative, Eurojust, The Hague


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