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Expected results

  • to organise practical training activities for court staff in the specific area of European criminal justice;
  • to create a standardised training package, consisting of practical case studies and a manual on legal terminology in English, for setting up interactive seminars for court staff;
  • to implement a series of 9 legal seminars and 5 language training events as well as a pan-European conference around Europe, aimed at approximately 475 court staff;
  • to develop both legal and linguistic skills of court staff members and strengthen their competences in order to facilitate cross-border communication and cooperation;
  • to bring together court staff training providers from at least 17 different EU Member States and provide them with a platform for exchange of best practices, sharing information and know-how;
  • to create and facilitate networking opportunities and close contacts between training providers and among court staff from different EU Member States;
  • to ensure a widespread future use of the training package by making it available in various official languages of the EU and by distributing it to all interested stakeholders.