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A standardised package of training material for court staff with regard to issues of European criminal law will be established through a core team of European experts and the participation of experts of the judicial schools and administration services being partners to this project. This will lead to a thorough product reflecting both the European and the national perspectives. The standardised training package will include training on mutual legal assistance and mutual recognition in criminal matters looking at instruments such as the European Arrest Warrant, especially in light of the jurisprudence of the CJEU, and the use of its form of the European Investigation Order.

Based on the package of training materials, national court staff will learn about cross-border cooperation in criminal matters in the EU during 9 national legal seminars. The training will be based on introductory face-to-face presentations and the solving of the developed case studies.

Additionally, the training package will become part of the training material of the judicial schools and administration services which are partners in this project.

For the provision of language training a manual on legal terminology in English including language exercises will be developed by a linguistic expert. The exercises will focus on developing four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The manual will be drafted in English.

Based on the manual, a series of 5 language English training events will be implemented with each event having a duration of three days. These events will comprise English language training on the one hand, and training on the European criminal justice on the other with parallel sessions during which one group will receive legal and the other one language training.

A at the end of the project, the training package as well as the manual will be made available to all members of the EJTN and is expected to be used beyond the 9 national seminars scheduled within this project.

A platform for exchange among court staff members from all EU Member States will be offered through the pan-European conference where participants will have the possibility to exchange experiences, look at current and forthcoming issues in European criminal law cooperation, and make personal contacts.