30 March 2023

ERA welcomes Ela Cenudioğlu, the first scholar of 2023

Ela attended the Annual Conference on European Company Law and Corporate Governance under the ERA scholarship programme funded by the Friends of ERA and individual donors in early March.
Currently she works as a free-lance lawyer in Istanbul and uses European Company Law in her professional life daily.
“I have clients from Turkey who want to invest in Europe. These clients are Turkish companies who need the assistance of a Turkish lawyer with an expertise in both Turkish Company Law and European Company Law. I use European Company Law when I give legal advice to them while they want to set up a company and funds in a European country, especially in Luxembourg.”
By securing a scholarship, Ela not only had the chance to increase her knowledge but also to expand her professional network. “This annual conference gave me the opportunity to network and connect with many legal practitioners who are experts in their fields. I believe that I will benefit more as I advance my career and gain more clients in the meantime.”

18 March 2022

ERA offers opportunities to Ukrainian lawyers

Scholarships and free places aim to support defenders of human rights and the rule of law.

With the war still ongoing in Ukraine, the training of legal practitioners may not seem the top priority. Yet millions of Ukrainian refugees resettling at least temporarily in EU Member States need to be able to exercise their rights. Sooner or later, the reconstruction of the country will require practitioners well-versed in the rule of law – all the more since the prospect of EU membership for Ukraine has been put on the table.

For this reason, the Academy of European Law (ERA) is offering to help legal practitioners from Ukraine to benefit from its training programmes:

  • Ukrainian lawyers, judges, prosecutors and other regulated legal professionals will be able to participate for free in ERA’s forthcoming programmes on key topics such as asylum law, migration law and human rights. For more information see here.
  • Ukrainian practitioners will also be eligible to apply for ERA’s scholarship programme, which can cover up to the full costs of participation in any of ERA’s programmes.
    Applications could be submitted online here.

To make a donation to support these measures, click here.

20 September 2020

ERA Scholarship Programme: Finding our way through the crisis

For many years now, the Friends of ERA have been supporting the ERA scholarship programme. In these Covid-19 times, online education has become for ERA the new normal.

This has resulted in ERA adapting its scholarship programme for distant learners too, leading to an increased demand for scholarships. With over 38 granted scholarships in 2020 (application procedure still open) ERA could write the highest number of granted scholarships per year in its history. Since the launch of this initiative in 2001, more than 450 scholarships have been awarded to legal practitioners from over 30 countries, including EU Member States, candidate countries and potential candidates.

The ERA scholarship programme could achieve this only through the collective and collaborative support of the Friends of ERA association.

The primary idea of the Friends or ERA is to bring together legal professionals who support ERA in its objective of creating a fellowship of practitioners from across Europe promoting the good application of EU law, rooted in our shared value that everyone deserves an education that helps them to learn, grow, develop and thrive!

With your help, we want to continue to expand the ERA Scholarship programme. Every donation will allow us to continue to offer high quality legal training to scholars as well as enhance and grow these offerings. By contributing to this cause, you will help us in our work through awarding more scholarships per year.

Grab the opportunity and become a member of the Friends of ERA today or if you are already a Friend, feel free to pass on this information to people who might be interested to join us.