The seven face to face training seminars contemplated in this series (40 participants per seminar x 7 seminars = 280 participants), to be implemented in various EU cities (Bucharest, Dublin, Lisbon, Cracow, Barcelona, Thessaloniki and Tallinn) over the period 2022-2024, will be complemented by six video podcasts, 45 mins each, related to the core topics, which can also be used as stand-alone product (e-learning). Moreover, audio podcasts will be produced and made available for a wider audience. In MP3 format, audio podcasts can be enjoyed on-the-go on portable devices (mobile learning or m-learning).


6 seminars in English throughout the European Union, duration: 1.5-days each:

Romania (National Institute of Magistracy, NIM) hosting the seminar in Bucharest
19-20 September 2022

Ireland (The Bar of Ireland) hosting the seminar in Dublin
20-21 April 2023

Portugal (Centre for Judicial Studies, CEJ-PT) hosting the seminar in Lisbon
16-17 May 2023

Poland (National School of Judiciary and National Prosecution) hosting the seminar in Cracow
18-19 September 2023

Spain (Barcelona Bar Association, ICAB) hosting the seminar in Barcelona

Greece (The Hellenic Judicial School) hosting the seminar in Thessaloniki

Estonia (Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Estonia) hosting the seminar in Tallinn