The main target group of the series are EU judges, prosecutors AND lawyers in private practice. As successfully experienced in the past, to guarantee a better exchange of experiences and for networking purposes, quotas of lawyers in private practice were chosen to take part in the events because they are facing the same problems in handling internet-related crimes that judges and prosecutors are confronted with. By targeting judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice, the Project aims at developing and promoting joint training sessions where mutual understanding, networking and confrontation can only be beneficial to all professions administering criminal justice. This is completely in line with the 2021 Call’s priorities since this Project covers justice professionals, multipliers (since they can pass their knowledge to other justice professionals) and it is a training of “cross-professional” nature since judges and prosecutors will train together with lawyers.

Besides the hardcore target group (judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice) each seminar will allow max 10% of other professions such as academics, ministry officials, law enforcers who in their applications will state a clear interest in the main topic of the event either because it is a subject of their research or because they are in charge of implementing EU law in their own countries. 10% means that max 4 participants out of 40 could be non-target group.

Conditions of Participation

Registration fee: 130 EUR (no discounts available)

Travel costs and two nights‘ hotel accommodation will be reimbursed by ERA upon receipt of the original receipts, tickets, boarding passes, invoices after the seminar.

Participants are asked to book their own travel and accommodation.

Participants should come from eligible EU Member States (Denmark does not participate to the Justice Programme of the European Union).

All applicants will be informed if they have been selected or not 10 working days after registration has closed.