Better Applying the EU Regulations on Family and Succession Law





Better Applying the EU Regulations on Family and Succession Law

Development of training materials and organisation of interactive seminars


Under the Justice Programme 2014-2020, ERA is implementing a project regarding the EU Regulations on Family and Succession law together with 10 judicial training bodies and bar associations from 11 Member States and with the support of the European Judicial Training Network and 4 associate partners. The main objective is to develop training materials to aid legal practitioners to actively apply several EU Regulations in the field of civil justice.

Training materials

The training materials will consist of comprehensive case studies and cover the following topics:

  • Topic 1: Cross-border divorce and maintenance (Brussels IIa and Maintenance Regulation)
  • Topic 2: Parental responsibility in a cross-border context, including child abduction (Brussels IIa)
  • Topic 3: Cross-border succession (Succession Regulation)
2 sets of case studies per topic will be developed. One set will deal with the selected topics on a basic level while the second set will allow more advanced training.

Coordinating meeting

Once developed, the training materials will be presented and discussed with national experts – appointed by the project’s partners – in the framework of a 2 day coordinating meeting.

The coordinating meeting will bring together the EU experts responsible for the development of the training materials, and the national experts (appointed by the project’s partners) to:

  • test and discuss the case studies developed on the selected topics
  • conduct an in-depth evaluation of the training materials developed
  • equip national experts with a framework for the organisation of the national seminars.

Series of interactive seminars

12 interactive 1.5-day seminars will be organised throughout Europe on the basis of the developed training materials.

10 national seminars, organised by the partners, will enable training of judges/lawyers at a purely national level and will further enrich the training materials by adding translations in 9 official EU languages. The seminars will be held either at an introductory or advanced level.

2 pan-European seminars, to be organised by ERA, will offer the opportunity to implement the training materials in a genuine European context. These seminars will be open to all legal professionals from all EU Member States.

The seminars will offer ca. 350 legal practitioners from all over Europe innovative and in-depth training on the EU Regulations on Family and Succession Law.

For more information on the dates, target groups and topics of the seminars, please consult the Calendar of activities.






  • Anastasia Patta Course Director - Private Law phone: +49 (0)651 937 37 112 fax: +49 (0)651 937 37 773

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