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Calendar of events 2021-2022

All events take place in Trier/Luxembourg.

Basic Training (Seminars)

8-10 September 2021
Language: French
Seminar no. 421DT109f

Deadline for applications: 6 August 2021
1-3 December 2021
Language: German
Seminar no. 421DT108f

Deadline for applications: 29 October 2021
26-28 January 2022
Language: English
Seminar no. 422DT31ef

Deadline for applications: 22 December 2021
4-6 May 2022
Language: English
Seminar no. 422DT32f

Deadline for applications: 4 April 2022
7-9 September 2022
Language: English
Seminar no. 422DT33f

Deadline for applications: 5 August 2022
Online application form
9-11 November 2022
Language: English
Seminar no. 422DT34f

Deadline for applications: 7 October 2022

Advanced Training (Workshops)

6-7 October 2021
Language: French
Seminar no.421DT110f

Deadline for applications: 3 September
9-10 February 2022
Language: German
Seminar no.422DT35f

Deadline for applications: 7 January 2022
5-6 October 2022
Language: English
Seminar no.422DT36f

Deadline for applications: 2 September 2022
Online application form
7-8 December 2022
Language: English
Seminar no. 422DT37f

Deadline for applications: 4 November 2022

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