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Procedural safeguards in the EU
Practical training for the daily practice of judges, prosecutors, defence lawyers and law enforcement officials


The project

This project on procedural safeguards in the EU aims at training judicial practitioners for their daily practice. As the transposition phases for the new Directives on interpretation and translation, the right to information, and the right to a lawyer will have expired in November 2016, this project uses the momentum to offer practical training on these instruments as well as a platform to exchange experience and best practice.

The concept

The project will consist of four seminars, each with a different language regime, conducted throughout the EU in the years 2016-2018. Each seminar will be targeted at different groups of selected Member States (approx. 50 participants from 4-5 Member States per seminar). The training will last 1 ½ days.


This project provides practical training on the application of the new EU Directives on interpretation and translation, the right to information, and the right to access to a lawyer (2010/64/EU, 2013/13/EU, 2012/13/EU). Furthermore, EU legal practitioners are introduced to the proposed EU measures with regard to the right to legal aid (COM(2013) 824 final), presumption of innocence (COM(2013) 821 final), and procedural safeguards for children suspected or accused in criminal proceedings (COM(2013) 822 final). A third aspect of the project is the interpretation of the rights in question set out by the ECtHR and CJEU.

Networking opportunities

A unique feature of the training events will be that judges, prosecutors, and defence lawyers as well as law enforcement officials and interpreters and translators will be brought together in the same training.
These personal contacts with colleagues form other professions working with the application of the new Directives will foster mutual understanding and hence strengthen the judicial systems.






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