Introduction to European Insitutional Law

Basic e-learning course |  2022 (updated 2024)

Authors: Freya Clausen, Adam Cygan, Adam Lazowski

  • The Institutions of the European Union
  • The EU Legislative Process
  • The Judicial System of the EU and the Judicial Remedies before the Court of Justice of the EU
  • Enforcement of EU Law in the Member States

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The Preliminary Reference Procedure before the CJEU

Specialised e-learning course |  2014 | Learning time: 10 hours

Authors: Freya Clausen, José A. Gutiérrez-Fons, Alessandra Impellizzeri, Adam Łazowski, Klaus Malacek, Carsten Zatschler

  • Drafting and Sending the Reference
  • Stages of Preliminary Ruling Procedure

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