Topic outline

  • Introduction to EU Gender Equality Law

    Welcome to the e-learning course on EU gender equality law. The course has been developed to provide an overview of the key features, developments and relevant case law concerning EU gender equality law. It is intended to complement the detailed seminars run by the Academy of European Law on gender equality law, which provide more in-depth analysis of the issues.

    Introduction to EU Gender Equality LawThe course comprises five modules on the main topics relating to EU gender equality law. Each module includes lessons which consist of written analysis and commentary, as well as links to relevant legislation, cases, and websites.

    Each module also contains a quiz on the issues raised by the topics. You can choose to take the quiz after studying the materials to assess what you have learnt, or in advance to assess your preliminary knowledge and help decide on which parts of the course you want to focus your attention. You are free to decide which parts of the course you study and how you go through the materials. There is no compulsory order, although you are more likely to understand all the topics by completing modules one and two first.

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