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Better applying European criminal law: legal and language training events for court staff across Europe

Over the last years, the number of court staff receiving training on EU law has remained considerably low while at the same time, this profession has an increasingly important role in the application of the EU legal instruments. Hence, this project intends to form a pilot project tackling the abovementioned deficiencies of court staff training in the area of European criminal law.

The project will address the need for training on EU criminal law for court staff by creating a standardised training package and by organising a series of legal and linguistic training events focusing on issues of European criminal justice relevant for their work. Furthermore, it will provide a platform for exchange of best practices, information and knowledge to create close contacts among court staff from different EU Member States.

As a result, this project will contribute to enhancing knowledge and skills of court staff by creating tailor-made materials and by offering practical training. It will raise awareness and increase the confidence of EU court staff in using the EU criminal law instruments and add to improve their legal English communication skills. Finally, with its networking opportunities and creation of a platform for exchange of knowledge, it will strengthen understanding and cooperation amongst court staff across the EU.

The project will run for 36 months until 31 October 2022.