Women in the legal profession and Gender Equality: Their legacy from different perspectives

Online, 13 June 2024 (on Zoom)

Dear Friends of ERA,

On behalf of Katharina Miller (Coordinator of the Spanish Chapter) and Elisa Zecchini (Coordinator of the Young Friends of ERA) we would like to invite you to the joint event of the Spanish Chapter and the Young Friends of ERA (YFOE):

This event is part of the YFOE’s EU LAW SESSIONS initiative, with series of online sessions covering the fundamentals of European Union Law. Our host speakers will present some main concepts of fundamental EU Law topics, but the following debates will invite everyone to participate, we look forward to your input in our discussion!

On 13 June 2024 we will hold a panel debate on:

« Women in the legal profession and Gender Equality: Their legacy from different perspectives »
on Thursday, 13 June 2024
from 18h00 to 19h30 (CEST)
on Zoom

This session will be hosted by:

Maria Lourdes Arastey Sahún, Judge, Court of Justice of the European Union, Luxembourg; Judge Arastey Sahún was a judge at the Supreme Court of Spain and she is also lecturer at various conferences in the fields of labour law, gender, discrimination, rule of law and mediation.

Katharina Miller, LL.M. (Luxembourg); Katharina is Coordinator of the Spanish Chapter of the Friends of ERA since 2021. She also serves as Non-Executive Director of various corporate boards in Germany, Spain and USA. She has extensive expertise in Compliance & Ethics, Legal, ESG/CSR and Diversity-Equity-Inclusion.

Stella Alessandrini, LL.M. International Commercial Law, Associate at Solferino Associés and member of the Paris Bar since 2023. Stella was also one of the winners of the Young European Lawyers Contest 2022 and member of the Young Friends of ERA.

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We kicked off the YFOE’s EU LAW SESSIONS with an event in February this year with a panel debate on Direct Effect and Primacy of EU Law (The PSPP case) and our first guest speaker Michal Bobek, Judge at the Czech Supreme Administrative Court, and Oriol Teixidó Moreno, Lawyer and Young Friend of ERA.

As usual, the event is open to all members of the Friends of ERA and Young Friends of ERA community.

If you have any friends who would like to attend the debate, please forward this email to them as well. They are warmly invited to join the Friends of ERA, their membership is mandatory for participation.

For any further questions, please get in touch with us.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Direct Effect and Primacy of EU Law

Invitation of the Young Friends of ERA

Join us on 28 February 2024 Kick-off event of the YFOE’s EU LAW SESSIONS 2024:

Direct Effect and Primacy of EU Law
The PSPP case

(ref. Judgement of 11 December 2018, Weiss and Others, C-493/17, EU:C:2018:1000, and
BVerfG, Judgment of the Second Senate of 5 May 2020 – 2 BvR 859/15)
on Wednesday, 28 February 2024
from 18h00 to 19h30 (CET) on Teams


This session will be hosted by:

Michal Bobek, MJur (Oxon), Ph.D (EUI); Judge at the Supreme Administrative Court, Czech Republic; Advocate General at the European Court of Justice (2015-2021); Visiting Professor at the Institute for European, International and Comparative Law, University of Vienna.

Oriol Teixidó Moreno, Lawyer, LL.M. (UvA) in International and EU Law, Coordinating Member of the Young Friends of ERA.

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Welcoming the „Philosophers in Dialogue“

Giovanni De Angelis at the ERA

Trier, 12th July 2022

On 12 July the sculpture „The Philosophers in Dialogue“ by Giovanni de Angelis was placed in ERA’s courtyard. The artist travelled from Italy to personally oversee the installation of the trio in bronze – Hypatia, Ausonius and Justinian.

We were fortunate to welcome two of the sponsors of the art project, Rudi Fortson QC from the UK and Wolfgang Heusel, the former Director of ERA, who, together with numerous other donors and the Friends of ERA Association, made this project happen.

Despite the hot weather, the small inauguration party was well attended. In total, around 30 members of ERA staff joined the occasion to celebrate this new acquisition for ERA with a glass of chilled Moselle sekt.

Deputy Director John Coughlan mentioned the sponsors and gave thanks for their generous donations: there had been 28 individual donors from 15 countries across Europe. On behalf of the Academy, he also thanked the Friends of ERA Association, which took this project to heart two years ago.

The sculptor Giovanni de Angelis explained the process of creating the sculpture and described the complex and multi-level technique of casting in bronze in detail.

The three philosophers can now be admired by ERA participants and guests. More pictures of this small inauguration party can be seen here.

Heartfelt thanks go to our supporters who made this project possible.

Welcoming the „Philosophers in Dialogue“ and Giovanni De Angelis at the ERA

First meeting of UK Chapter of the Friends of ERA

with guest speaker Catherine Barnard

Online event, 16th March 2022 on Zoom

We were fortunate to welcome 22 new UK associates who joined us on 16 March 2022 for the first meeting of the Friends of ERA with Catherine Barnard.

Prof Barnard gave a presentation on the TCA and initiated a thought-provoking debate focusing on the UK’s approach to negotiating its new trading relationship. Later she engaged the participants in a lively discussion about the EU/UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement. We were delighted that there seems to be a strong view that EU law and the UK’s relationship to it is still important for UK lawyers.

As a small souvenir from this first UK Chapter event and especially for those who could not make it to our virtual UK-Chapter room that evening, Prof. Barnard has shared her presentation.

We hope that this first meeting will be the first of many opportunities for intensive exchange and will provide a platform for networking among our newly acquired UK members of Friends of ERA. The event has been mentioned on our social media networks including LinkedIn (link to post) so be sure to follow us for future updates.

We also thank our chairs Vanessa Knapp OBE and Edwin Parks, who contributed significantly to the success of the evening and the participants with their lively contributions to the debate.

To find more information about the Friends of ERA or to join the Association, please click here.

Art Soirée „Philosophers in Dialogue“

with Giovanni De Angelis and Catherine Kessedjian
Online event, 9 December 2021

Nearly 30 friends joined us on 9 December 2021 for the second online Friends of ERA art event. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know the artist Giovanni de Angelis personally and to learn more about current ERA Art Project and the process of how the heads of three philosophers will be cast in bronze- each representing the outstanding personalities Ausonius, Hypatia of Alexandria, and Justinian.
Prof. Catherine Kessedjian, a very ERA-committed and passionate art connoisseur, gave an inspiring talk about “Why makes a better lawyer” and how international jurisdictions could be explained by using a contemporary art installation.
For those who could not make it to our virtual art room that evening, the artist has left a small souvenir: You can watch the two videos of Giovanni de Angelis and his “Trio for Trier”. It was not difficult to overhear the artist’s personal connection to the female character. Giovanni said the following words about his special admiration for the female philosopher: “Hypatia was the personality I always passionately wanted to bring into life in the context of the bronze. Especially at this historical moment nowadays when female participation in the progress of humanity is still struggling to assert and to hold their ground …”

We hope to be able to raise the remaining funds (still 8,930 EUR to go) before the end of this year and look forward to hosting the three philosophers very soon in ERA’s courtyard where they can carry on their philosophical debate.
To find more information about the ERA Art Project and how to donate, please click here. The names of all donors (from 200 EUR on) will be inscribed on a plaque accompanying the artwork, leaving a lasting record of your connection to ERA.

Previous events

Webissage „ERAround the world“

Online event, 8 December 2020

On 8 December 2020 the Friends of ERA Association hosted our first online event. We owe this great idea to our dedicated chairwoman Jettie van Caenegem.

In the form of a virtual meeting, we welcomed over 30 attendees from 17 countries. These photographs were part of two larger exhibitions held in 2014 and 2019 entitled “ERAround the world”.

A collection of 30 photos were brought to life by the moderation of John Coughlan and 10 members of the ERA team- all passionate photographers with exceptional skills, who were happy to guide us through the exhibition and share the personal stories behind each image.

As a small souvenir from this virtual journey together, the collection of 30 photographs in a set as postcards was offered at the price of €30. The proceeds will be used for the ERA scholarship programme.